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Get the best return from your business with all our applications, integrated into one online portal


Efficiently save time and money

Your website, Sales, Scheduling, Online disk space, Marketing up to billing customers and even aftercare. We provide you with the tools to centralize your business.

Always keep an overview

Flexibility in time and location

Wherever you are, you always have extensive statistics available. Create analyses for the Monday morning meeting or communicate your results with your accountant.


Expand and connect by yourself

Machines, external suppliers or an online e-commerce system? By using our system external factors can seamlessly work together with Mainpixel through our API and Webhooks.


Expert advice

Courses, webinars and seminars or personal advice. We have all the knowledge and we will be happy to share this. We can also assist on project basis, even on your location.

  • You can count on us!
  • Generate more online revenue
  • Marketing & sales with your eyes closed
  • Save up to 70% on your IT expenses
  • Keep track of your business
  • Use data optimally for sales
  • Always know what's happening
  • Automate everything with out API
  • Mainpixel is awesome! Let us tell you why.

Overview of all possibilities Not to mention the convenience!

CRM contact management

You no longer have to dig through whole series of spreadsheets, emails and databases. Everything you need will be centrally stored. Capture everything for extensive statistics about your (groups of) customers.

CRM - Product information

Billing, Subscriptions & Product Management

Easily send out (periodically) automated invoices using your own branding. With us you can do even more than that and our entire platform works together with for instance the CRM package.

Finance - Product information

Quotations, Orders & Planning

Also send out your quotations quickly, easily and with your own branding in an uncluttered environment. Follow the entire process from application until aftercare. Register and analyse your sales trajectory for the highest chance of success.

Sales - Product information

Service desk - Communication platform

Centralize your phone calls, emails, WhatsApp messages and Facebook chat conversations easily with Mainpixel. Keep a log for every customer and analyse interesting information about your company you were not yet aware of.

Service desk - Product information

Online marketing management

Encourage your customers through online marketing. Integrated in a familiar environment, linked with your CRM. Push Facebook, WhatsApp and email reports to potential customers and excite them.

Marketing - Product information

CMS Website management

Log in directly into the admin interface of your website, or use CMS interface. You can connect this with a large number of frameworks through the Mainpixel API or our packages.

CMS - Product information

Managed web hosting

Integrate your own website or platform into our managed hosting environment. We offer what you need. Immediately register a domain name or use the most complex database technology, everything running on a stable cluster.

Managed Hosting - Product information

Online (backup) storage

Always having your files on hand or shared with your colleague / project team can be achieved with our online storage space. With with a virtual online hard drive. You can also use this for back-ups of your local environment.

Private Cloud - Product information

Experience the ease and the saving for yourself